Negombo city tour by Tuk Tuk or by taxi          

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11Our city tour covers Negombo fish market, old Dutch church, others churches, Angurukaramulla temple, connecting bridge of the lagoon & sea, Negombo fishing harbor, Hamilton canal, Negombo Bazaar, Negombo market place and many more.

Boat trip at Negombo lagoon

1The Negombo Lagoon has an area of 3 164 hectares and is situated some 40 km north of Colombo. It is part of a much larger Muthurawajawela Marsh- coastal wetland. 

The fishermen who are based at the Negombo lagoon live in abject poverty in shanty thatch palm villages along the water's edge. They rely mainly on their traditional knowledge of the seasons for their livelihood, using outrigger canoes carved out of tree trunks and nylon nets to bring in modest catches from September through till April.For generations the lagoon has provided the fishermen with a plentiful supply of crabs, shrimps, lobsters, cuttlefish and many of the native species of fish. The men are regularly forced to head out to the ocean to fish, often losing money in the chartering process. In recent years, the villagers have supplemented the income earned from fishing by collecting toddy, or palm sap, which is used to brew arrack.

½ day tour to Muthurajawela wet lands

1Near the Negombo lagoon you'll come across an unusual wetland environment that contains the country's largest marsh. It's popular with eco-tourists as its habitat provides a comprehensive view of the wildlife and plant life indigenous to Sri Lanka's coastal wetlands. Bird watching in Muthurajawela is very popular among bird and nature lovers.

Colombo city tour by bus or by taxi

Let the look and feel of our capital city by this excuesion. Galle Face, Petah Bazaar, Town Hall, BMICH, Colombo Museum Independence square, Gangarama temple ,wtc will be covered.